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Experts in Reverse Engineering Printed Circuit Boards

If you have a printed circuit board that you need reverse engineered, The Hualan Technologies can help you.

Re-engineering a PCB assembly preserves all of its original functionality. Except PCB copying services, we have an extensive background in design engineering. So, we know how to increase performance, reduce lifecycle costs, and add or subtract capabilities as part of the reverse engineering process. We use up-todate components and techniques to improve operations, maintenance, and support issues on older circuit board designs.

More about our PCB reverse engineering service

Copying a printed circuit board

Creating replacement control boards for manufacturing and processing equipment

  • PCB Clone, Gerber file
  • PCB Clone, Schematic file
  • Bill of Material, BOM List
  • PCB manufacture
  • PCB Assembly

Experts in MCU Reverse Engineering

If you have a MCU which you can not read and get the data from the protected MCU directly, The Hualan Technologies can help you.

Any Microcontroller, FPGA, secure memory, smartcard, ASIC or custom chip can be successfully attacked given enough time and resources. We use high-end technologies and equipment to perfect the technique of IC code recovering. We will supply you competitive pricing with MCU Crack, IC attack, MCU Code extraction, MCU break, Chip decryption.

  • Atmel MCU Crack
  • CYPRESS MCU Attack
  • Freescale IC Crack
  • NXP IC Attack
  • TI IC Code Extraction
  • Silicon MCU Break
  • ST MCU Code Extraction
  • Altera MCU Crack
  • XILINX IC Unlock

PCB Cloning


PCB Cloning or PCB Copying refers to the 100% cloning of the original PCB, Copying a Printed Circuit Board, Creating replacement control boards for manufacturing and processing equipment, pcb duplicating.

PCB Designing


If you have a schematic or a drawing, but do not have time or tools to complete the design, our PCB Design team of in-house electrical engineers can handle your toughest designs.

PCB Assembly


quick-turn prototype, low-volume and production PCB assembly with surface-mount (SMT), through-hole (THT) and mix components.

PCB manufacture


Hualan Technology is your most reliable source for high quality and on time Printed Circuit Board at the lowest price.

MCU Attack


Extract the code from protected MCU, named MCU code extraction, MCU Crack, IC Attack, IC Break, MCU Decryption, IC code extraction, IC Crack, MCU Attack, MCU Break, IC Decryption and so on. The success rate of MCU Code extraction are 99%.

PCB Prototype


Hualan Technology can reverse engineer your old PCB and produce full-scale, fully functional circuit boards for testing, evaluation, or actual use.

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