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PCB Reverse Engineering

If you have a printed circuit board that you need reverse engineered, The Shenzhen Hualan Technologies can help you. Just need email us: hualan0755@hotmail.com

Re-engineering a PCB assembly preserves all of its original functionality. Except PCB copying services, we have an extensive background in PCB design engineering. So, we know how to increase performance, reduce lifecycle costs, and add or subtract capabilities as part of the reverse engineering process. We use up-todate components and techniques to improve operations, maintenance, and support issues on older circuit board designs.


Our PCB reverse engineering capabilities

1. Up to 32 layers

2. No limit on nodes or pads

3. No limit on board size

4. No limit on components (through hole, surface mount, or mixed)

5. Component sides: single or double-sided

6. SMT pitch down to0.35 mmor less depending on board layout


What the PCB reverse engineering service delivers

1. Schematic diagrams and ORCAD DSN files, including all on-board point-to-point wiring diagrams

2. Bill of materials listing all components.

3. Gerber files for the production of the PCB.

4. Printable PDF files for all schematics, board component layouts, each separate layer, drill files, solder masks, and dimensions.

5. Optional: Individual data sheets on each component where available.

6. Optional: A fully functional prototype PCB assembled with all components as-specified for testing and evaluation.


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