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About Hualan

Shenzhen Hualan Technologies located in Shenzhen, near to Hongkong. We established this web site in 1996 and extended our marketing reach world wide with clients in 40 countries.

As a PCB Reverse engineering Supplier, We dedicated to helping our customers successfully deliver products to their markets and customers. providing cost-effective, world-class PCB Clone, PCB design, MCU Crack, PCB Manufacture and PCB assembly services. Our mission is to solve electronic assembly problems for you.

Others,We use high-end technologies and equipment to perfect the technique of IC code recovering (extracting code from MCU, DSP, PLD, CPLD, FPGA, AVR). So up to now, we are able to crack various types of Chips such as ATMEL, CYPRESS, EMC, DALLAS, Freescale, HOLTK, INTEL, MICROCHIP, PHILIPS, SAMSUNG, Silicon, SST, STC, TI, WINBOND and so on.

Benefits & Advantages

·  Local support, close to you, your markets and customers

·  Cost-effective, world-class assembly facility in ShenZhen, China

·  Responsive and flexible to meet unique customer needs

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