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Altera MCU Crack

Altera MCU Crack Attack Unlock Break, Altera IC Code Extraction


ALTERA MCU code extraction included ALTERA CPLD Series MCU Crack, ALTERA FPGA Series MCU Attack, and ALTERA ASIC IC Break. ShenZhen HuaLan IC Attack InsAlteratute can help you to finish ALTERA MCU code extracAlteraon and offer you hex file. Our MCU Crack technology is already quite mature we are sure that the ALTERA MCU Attack will be 100% success rate.


As follows are the MCU list which we can make IC Crack for you:



* MAX II CPLDs (3.3 V, 2.5 V, 1.8 V):

  EPM240Z EPM570Z EPM1270 EPM2210

* MAX 7000 CPLDs:

  EPM7032AE, EPM7064AE, EPM7128AE, EPM7128A, EPM7256AE, EPM7256A, EPM7512AE;

  EPM7032, EPM7064, EPM7094;

  EPM7032B, EPM7064B, EPM7128B, EPM7256B, EPM7512B;

  EPM7128E, EPM7160E, EPM7192E, EPM7256E;

  EPM7032S, EPM7064S, EPM7128S, EPM7160S, EPM7192S, EPM7256S;

* MAX3000ACPLDs (3.3 V):

  EPM3032A, EPM3064A, EPM3128A, EPM3256A, EPM3512A



High-End FPGAs: Altera Stratix Series FPGA IC Crack:  

* Stratix V (E, GX, GS, GT)

* Stratix IV (E, GX, GT)

* Stratix III (L and E)

* Stratix II (and GX)

    o Stratix II

    o Stratix II GX

* Stratix (and GX)

    o Stratix

    o Stratix GX Midrange FPGAs:


Altera Arria Series FPGA IC Attack:  

* Arria II (GX and GZ)

* Arria GX Low-Cost FPGAs:


Altera Cyclone Series FPGA IC Unlock:

* Cyclone IV (E and GX)

* Cyclone III (and LS)

* Cyclone II: EP2C5 EP2C8 EP2C20 EP2C50 EP2C70

* Cyclone: EP1C3 EP1C4 EP1C6 EP1C12 EP1C20 EPC1441



Altera Cyclone Series ASIC IC Code Extraction:

* HardCopy IV ASICs (0.9 V) with 6.5-Gbps Transceiver Option

    o HC4GX15 HC4GX25 HC4GX35 HC4E25 HC4E35

* HardCopy II ASICs

    o HC210W HC210 HC220W HC220 HC230 HC240

* HardCopy IV ASICs (0.9 V), 6.5-Gbps Transceivers

    o HC4GX15 HC4GX25 HC4GX35 HC4E25 HC4E35

* HardCopy III ASICs (0.9 V)

o HC325 HC335


If you have ALTERA CPLD Series MCU Crack, ALTERA FPGA Series MCU Attack, and ALTERA ASIC IC Break, Please contact us to get more details, we will give you best price.

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