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Creating replacement PCB

If you have an important piece of older equipment that’s no longer working reliably and you want to creat replacement printed circuit boards, Shenzhen Hualan Technologies can help you to start the PCB Reverse engineering.


Maybe you’ve kept a processing or conveyor system running for years, maintaining and repairing it. But now the repairs aren’t holding. The main printed circuit boards (PCBs) are just worn out, and replacement boards are no longer available.


Relax. You have an alternative to replacing the whole system: replacing just the worn-out circuit boards.


We can reverse engineer your machine’s old circuit board, update the design with new components and even expand capabilities, and manufacture the small quantity of replacement boards you need to put your equipment back on-line.


Benefits of a reverse engineered replacement PCB:

1. Plug-and-go – your new replacement circuit board plugs right into your existing system

2. Repairable – updated components make your replacement PC board easier to repair with widely available parts

3. Upgradeable – we can add functionality, outputs, sensors, or change the program slightly to broaden your processing capability

4. Cost-efficient – extends the working life of your existing machinery


Got questions? We’re happy to discuss extending the life of your equipment by reverse engineering its printed circuit boards. Just give us a call or email(hualan0755@hotmail.com).

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