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Silicon MCU Break

Silicon MCU Break Attack Crack Unlock Break, Silicon MCU Code Extraction


SILICON MCU code extraction included C8051F2xx Series MCU Attack, C8051F3xx Series MCU Crack, C8051F5 Series MCU Break and C8051F9 Series MCU Unlock. ShenZhen HuaLan IC Attack InsSilicontute can help you to finish SILICON MCU code extracSiliconon and offer you hex file. Our MCU Crack technology is already quite mature we are sure that the SILICON MCU Attack will be 100% success rate.


As follows are the MCU list which we can make IC Crack for you:


C8051F2xx Series MCU Attack

C8051F206, C8051F220, C8051F221, C8051F226, C8051F230, C8051F231, C8051F236;


C8051F3xx Series MCU Crack

C8051F300, C8051F301, C8051F302, C8051F303, C8051F304, C8051F305;

C8051F310, C8051F311, C8051F312, C8051F313, C8051F314, C8051F315, C8051F316, C8051F317;

C8051F330, C8051F331, C8051F332, C8051F333, C8051F334, C8051F335, C8051F336, C8051F337, C8051F338, C8051F339;

C8051F360, C8051F361, C8051F362, C8051F363, C8051F364, C8051F365, C8051F366, C8051F367, C8051F368, C8051F369;

C8051F410, C8051F411, C8051F412, C8051F413;

C8051F600, C8051F601, C8051F602, C8051F603, C8051F604, C8051F605, C8051F606;C8051F610, C8051F611, C8051F612, C8051F613, C8051F614, C8051F615, C8051F616, C8051F617;

C8051F630, C8051F631, C8051F632, C8051F633, C8051F634, C8051F635;

C8051F000, C8051F001, C8051F002, C8051F005, C8051F006, C8051F007, C8051F010, C8051F011, C8051F012, C8051F015, C8051F016, C8051F017, C8051F018, C8051F019;C8051F020, C8051F021, C8051F022, C8051F023;

C8051F040, C8051F041, C8051F042, C8051F043, C8051F044, C8051F045, C8051F046, C8051F047;

C8051F060, C8051F061, C8051F062, C8051F063, C8051F064, C8051F065, C8051F066, C8051F067;

C8051F120, C8051F121, C8051F122, C8051F123, C8051F124, C8051F125, C8051F126, C8051F127, C8051F130, C8051F131, C8051F132, C8051F133;

C8051F350, C8051F351, C8051F352, C8051F353;


C8051F5 Series MCU Break

C8051F500, C8051F501, C8051F502, C8051F503, C8051F504, C8051F505, C8051F506, C8051F507, C8051F508, C8051F509, C8051F510, C8051F511;

C8051F520A, C8051F521A, C8051F523A, C8051F524A, C8051F526A, C8051F527A, C8051F530A, C8051F531A, C8051F533A, C8051F534A, C8051F536A, C8051F537A;

C8051F540, C8051F541, C8051F542, C8051F543, C8051F544, C8051F545, C8051F546, C8051F547;

C8051F550, C8051F551, C8051F552, C8051F553, C8051F554, C8051F555, C8051F556, C8051F557;

C8051F560, C8051F561, C8051F562, C8051F563, C8051F564, C8051F565, C8051F566, C8051F567, C8051F568, C8051F5679;

C8051F570, C8051F571, C8051F572, C8051F573, C8051F574, C8051F575;

C8051F580, C8051F581, C8051F582, C8051F583, C8051F584, C8051F585, C8051F586, C8051F587, C8051F588, C8051F5689, C8051F590, C8051F591;

C8051F700, C8051F701, C8051F702, C8051F703, C8051F704, C8051F705, C8051F706, C8051F707, C8051F708, C8051F709, C8051F710, C8051F711, C8051F712, C8051F713, C8051F714, C8051F715, C8051F716, C8051F717;

C8051F800, C8051F801, C8051F802, C8051F803, C8051F804, C8051F805, C8051F806, C8051F807, C8051F808, C8051F809, C8051F810, C8051F811, C8051F812, C8051F813, C8051F814, C8051F815, C8051F816, C8051F817, C8051F818, C8051F819, C8051F820, C8051F821, C8051F822, C8051F823, C8051F824, C8051F825, C8051F826, C8051F827, C8051F828, C8051F829, C8051F830, C8051F831, C8051F832, C8051F833, C8051F834, C8051F835;


C8051F9 Series MCU Unlock

C8051F901, C8051F902, C8051F911, C8051F912;

C8051F920, C8051F921, C8051F930, C8051F931;

C8051F980, C8051F981, C8051F982, C8051F983, C8051F985, C8051F986, C8051F987, C8051F988, C8051F989;

C8051F990, C8051F991, C8051F996, C8051F997;


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