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Why buy from us?

As a lead PCB Reverse engineering and MCU Reverse engineering Supplier, Shenzhen Hualan Technologies provide cost-effective, world-class PCB Clone, PCB design, MCU Crack, PCB Manufacture and PCB assembly services around the world.

Everyday, we pride ourselves on superior products and reliable on-time deliveries. We would love to earn your business and establish a long term partnership with your company. We are confident that we are the right manufacturer for your next PCB challenge.

  1. Superior products
  2. Competitive manufacture direct pricing
  3. Reliable on-time deliveries
  4. No minimum lot requirements on orders
  5. Over 100 years of Combined Management Experience
  6. State-of-the-Art 18,000 square feet Manufacturing facility

Our PCB Copying Capabilities

1. Layers:2 to 12 layers, typical. Up to 32+ layers available.

2. Rigid PCB

3. Aluminum PCB

4. Flex PCB and Rigid-Flex PCB

Our PCB Designing Capabilities

1. Layers:2 to 12 layers, typical. Up to 32+ layers available.

2. From 25 to 25,000+ pins

Our PCB Manufacturing Capabilities

1. Layers:2 to 12 layers, typical. Up to 32+ layers available.

2. Materials:FR-4, typical. Others available such as G10, CEM-1, CEM-2, Rodgers 4000, Polyimide, teflon, Duroid.

3. Thickness:0.062 inches, typical. Others available and utilized for multilayer boards include: 0.005, 0.010, 0.031, 0.040, 0.093, 0.125 inches.

4. Copper thickness (weight):1.0 oz typical. Available: 0.5 oz and 2.0 oz.

5. Solder mask:Liquid photo-imageable, SR1000 wet.

6. Surface finish:SMOBC, Tin/Lead, white tin body gold.

7. Minimum hole size:12 mil (0.32mm)

8. Minimum track width:5 mil (0.12mm)

9. Maximum board size:18 inches X 24 inches (if for multiple boards on one panel, allow one inch all around for tabs). Tab routing, scoring available.

10. Electrical testing is available.

Our PCB Assembly Capabilities

1. Purchasing components and inventory maintenance

2. Both consigned service (Customer provides parts) and turn-key service (we source all parts).

3. Offering both lead-containing and lead free soldering technologies based on customer’s request.

4. Surface mount and thru-hole assembly of rigid or flexible printed circuit boards

5. Pick and place the full range of parts from 0201 two-terminal devices to full-size fine pitch flip chips and micro BGAs.

6. Box build and mechanical assembly

7. Programming of programmable electronic devices

8. Conformal coating

If you have any request, please feel free to contact us.

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