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MCU Crack

Did you try to read the code from some MCU, but you are fault to read the code? Because the MCU was protected! If you want to extract the code from protected MCU, Hualan Technology can help you. The success rate of MCU Code extraction are 99%. Just need email me: hualan0755@hotmail.com

Extract the code from protected MCU, named MCU code extraction, MCU Crack, IC Attack, IC Break, MCU Decryption, IC code extraction, IC Crack, MCU Attack, MCU Break, IC Decryption and so on, mean that with the help of special equipment or homemade equipment, the microcontroller attacker extract key information and microcontroller program from the chip through a variety of technical means.

Hualan Technology use high-end technologies and equipment to complete IC code recovering (extracting code from MCU, DSP, PLD, CPLD, FPGA, AVR). So up to now, we are able to crack various types of Chips such as ATMEL, CYPRESS, EMC, DALLAS, Freescale, HOLTK, INTEL, MICROCHIP, PHILIPS, SAMSUNG, Silicon, SST, STC, TI, WINBOND and so on.

How to get started for the MCU Crack service?

A. Please send an inquiry by email, call or fax with description of protected device you have.

B. Our staff will response quickest with quotation and delivery time and conditions for service.

C. Ship us the protected device, along with at least two or more not-programmed samples.

D. Before extracting the code, you need to pay 50% deposit.

E. After extracting the code, we will send you back two programmed devices for you to test.

F. after making sure we had done our job with success, you will need to make final payment to receive the source code.

If you’d like to know which MCU we can crack and which MCU we can not crack, Please go to our IC Crack website. http://www.mcu-reverse.com/ If you have a protected MCU to crack, please contact me.

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