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How to get started?

How to get started for pcb reverse engineering?

In order to provide a quotation for pcb reverse engineering, we will need to evaluate the board in question. Most of the time we can do this with pictures. Please send via email(hualan0755@hotmail.com), high resolution images of the front and back close enough to read any component values. Please also include complete contact information so we know with whom we will be working. Please keep attachments under 10 Mb or your email will not be received.

1. Please let us know what services you require: PCB file(Gerber), Schematic, bill of materials, PCB fabrication, PCB Assembly. If you require the schematic files then the Gerber and BOM are required also.
2. Upon receipt of the images, we will, in most cases, return a quotation for reverse engineering within 3-4 business days. In unusually complex boards, we may need to physically examine the board.
3. If prices for prototypes or production quantities of boards or complete assemblies are required, we make it a policy to provide pricing only after completing the schematic and BOM. That is the only way we can ensure accurate pricing, see below.

How to get started for mcu reverse engineering?

A. Please send an inquiry by skype, email or call with description of protected device you have.
B. Our staff will response quickest with quotation and delivery time and conditions for service.
C. Ship us the protected device, along with at least two or more not-programmed samples.
D. Before extracting the code, you need to pay 50% deposit by Paypal.
E. After extracting the code, we will send you back two programmed devices for you to test.
F. after making sure we had done our job with success, you will need to make final payment to receive the source code( .bin file or .hex file).

Got questions? Just give us a call or email(hualan0755@hotmail.com). We’ll be happy to discuss your project with you.

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